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How to Buy Your First NFT in 2023

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique cryptocurrency tokens that often have a piece of art or something unique attached to them. NFTs gained massive popularity in late 2021 and early

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The Metaversepedia

Newcomers to the Metaverse should start here. Learn from the experts on a number of topics- from NFTs & Cryptocurrency to Virtual Reality & Online Avatars. The Metaversepedia is the one-stop guide on all of the latest technology and trends in the Metaverse.

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Created by Tyler S, Metaversely’s goal is to be the best resource for anything Metaverse related. We are enthusiasts of web 3 and the changing dynamic of the virtual world. Looking past the noise in the space, we aim to report on topics that will allow you to make informed decisions as Metaverse technology continues to innovate.

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