The 5 Most Exciting Metaverse Jobs in 2022

It is no secret that major tech companies, from Meta to Apple, are investing heavily in the Metaverse and supplemental technology. While cryptocurrency and NFT prices are down, this has not stopped the largest tech firms from innovating and posting new jobs for their Metaverse initiatives.

While many of these roles seem like typical software developer roles, the Metaverse has opened up brand new opportunities for creators and developers alike to shape the future of the internet. Additionally, there are opportunities outside of large corporations in the form of freelance work and numerous startups.

These are our five picks for the most exciting roles in building the Metaverse for 2022.

Accenture Metaverse Consulting Jobs

Accenture is one of the largest technology consultants in the world, and they have an entire dedicated department just for Metaverse jobs. The consulting company has become one of the biggest advocated for the Metaverse, with the firm working with the largest tech companies on their Metaverse integrations. Also, as a Metaverse consultant, you would be working with some of the largest firms trying to adapt and get ahead of the new technology.

Accenture itself has adopted some Metaverse technology, including an entirely digital workspace. Called the Nth Floor– Accenture has created an entirely virtual work and social space for its employees. In the age of remote work, this level of connectivity is welcomed by many to get the “office feel” back.

Accenture Metaverse Space
Accenture’s Nth Floor Virtual Space

The Metaverse jobs open on the Accenture careers page is fairly broad, ranging from creative positions to strategic policy creators. Either way, Accenture is a great way to start a career in the Metaverse.

Epic Games Metaverse Developer

Epic Games Metaverse Jobs
Epic Games Metaverse Job Postings

Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, is one of the largest gaming developers in the world. With the wild success of Fortnite, the company has begun investing more into the Metaverse.

While Fortnite was originally created as a building and combat game, it has been expanded into a social Metaverse experiment. The company has held numerous virtual concerts and events. Fortnite Live is now a platform for artists to hold digital and virtual shows. These shows have been very successful, and the company is now investing in more virtual events.

At Epic Games, many of the software developer opportunities include Metaverse integrations. When searching for open Metaverse jobs with Epic, there are both software developer and product management roles open.

This is a new department of the company, so it is to be expected that much of the work will be cutting-edge and new!

The Sandbox NFT Artist

One of the largest and most popular Metaverse games is the The Sandbox. Located in San Francisco, this company just raised over $93 million in Series B funding. Sandbox is one of the top opportunities for Metaverse game development.

Sandbox is a true Metaverse game, as it allows users to collect cryptocurrency through a “play to earn” system. Sandbox is one of the biggest play to earn Metaverse games. Sandbox’s token, $SAND, is used to trade virtual items on the Sandbox marketplace.

One of the most exciting aspects of this is the opportunity is that you can become an independent NFT artist. Using the Vox Edit software, you can create and animate NFTs based on the Sandbox game engine. From here, you can sell these NFTs on the Sandbox marketplace for $SAND. 95% of all funds from NFTs sold on the Sandbox marketplace go towards creators, so talented artists can make a decent living by designing their own game assets.

To learn more about The Sandbox and its Marketplace, check out the official website-

Music Metaverse Jobs

It has not been as widely publicized, but major music labels are taking notice of the opportunity the Metaverse holds. Major record labels, such as Sony Music Group and Warner Music have listed job postings for senior Director positions, specifically for Metaverse development.

Many of these roles are in the development phase, with responsibilities including business research and leading cross-functional strategic teams. However, music labels will continue to invest in the Metaverse, opening up further opportunities.

The MLB Metaverse

Truist Park in the Metaverse

In the United States, the MLB is one of the most popular sporting leagues in the country. Early this year, the league launched its own Metaverse, including ballparks based completely in the virtual world. The MLB has said:

With the expedited development of many technologies over the past two years, digital worlds have begun to grow. In these early days of Web 3.0, all kinds of experiments and new fan engagement platforms are being tested around the sports world. In collaboration with Major League Baseball, the Braves became the first North American sports franchise to open a digital version of their home to fans as Digital Truist Park debuted and welcomed avatars of all kinds.

In order to expand further into the Metaverse with more virtual ballparks and NFTs, the MLB has begun hiring a Licensing Manager and Metaverse expert. This role could have an extreme amount of influence within the league, and change the way we watch baseball, and other sports.

Overall, these are only the tip of the iceberg for new Metaverse jobs. However, as the Metaverse continues to expand and grow, expect more job opportunities in the space.

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