Decentralized Finance

If you have been following cryptocurrencies, NFTs, or anything web3 over the past two years, you likely have heard the term Decentralized Finance, or “DeFi” for short. DeFi is one of the most exciting aspects of blockchain technology. Many say that our modern financial system will adopt many aspects of DeFi. However, for beginners, Decentralized […]


Decentralized Finance is one of the most useful real-world applications of cryptocurrency around. There are many different Decentralized Apps, or dApps, available for use right now. Aave, one of the most famous liquidity protocols in DeFi, allows users to borrow crypto, earn interest on their crypto, participate in staking, and even vote for changes in […]

Web 3.0

Everyone knows about Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies have gotten equally as popular. There is a ton of buzz and memes about NFTs. Decentralized finance has gained billions of dollars worth of traction. All of the above is part of the movement that is now called Web 3. But what is its actual meaning? In short, […]

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